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Sanford Clinic Klamath Falls For Enthusiastic Moms & Pediatricians

The Sanford Children’s Clinic in Klamath Falls believes in the power of play, which is why the shape of the building is a castle. They build castle-themed waiting rooms to provide a unique and exciting experience for your children while receiving the care they need to stay healthy. 

About The Sanford Clinic in Klamath Falls

Pediatricians focus specifically on the needs of a child rather than practicing all kinds of medicine like a family doctor. They are explicitly trained to assess the needs of growing children. Taking your child to a doctor who specializes in their age group ensures that your child will receive the best care possible. The Sanford Clinic treats babies through teens by conducting wellness care, regular checkups, preventative health, care for illnesses and injuries, health education, and parenting support for child-related issues. 

Pediatricians focus specifically on the needs of a child rather than practicing all kinds of medicine like a family doctor and are explicitly trained to assess the needs of growing children. The clinic works alongside Lakes Medical Center to provide exemplary care for hospital and ancillary services. In fact, they have the largest pediatric critical care team in the region and provide immediate attention for critical injuries or illnesses.

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Sanford Children’s Clinic is located at 3001 Daggett Avenue in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The clinic offers specialized care for child abuse, NICU, behavioral health, cardiology, developmental issues, gastroenterology, genetics, hospital, neurology, optometry, sleep medicine, and surgery. Each doctor has specialties, creating a balanced clinic with experience in many different kinds of treatment. 

For example, Dr. Jami Knox specializes in breastfeeding education, caring for children with special needs, and post-hospital care for preemies. Meanwhile, Dr. Egbert Grinage has experience applying and removing sutures and staples, interpreting lab testing, and prescribing medication. Each doctor’s profile includes a background information section detailing education, “my idea of care,” and their interests. If parents are unsure which pediatrician at the clinic may be best for their child, their website offers a short quiz that will provide options to match their goals and needs. 

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Not only does Sanford Clinic specialize in Pediatric Endocrinology, but they are also the only facility in the region to offer pediatric endocrinology services. Parents should take their children to see a Pediatric Endocrinologist if they are experiencing a hormonal or growth-related disorder. The Endocrine system manages metabolism, growth, and sexual development–affecting almost every organ and cell in your child’s body. There are several ways you can tell if your child is suffering from an endocrine disorder. These include:

  • growing too fast or too slow,
  • underweight or overweight,
  • or experiencing ovarian or testicular issues. 

Their online portal, MySanfordChart, allows parents to access their children’s medical and immunization records and schedule appointments. The clinic has same-day appointments available, as well as a range of options for virtual care:

  • An email service e-visit
  • A phone call with a nurse
  • An on-demand video visit with a provider for acute care is available 24/7

Sanford Clinic Klamath Falls

The Sanford Clinic in Klamath Falls provides exemplary care for children throughout Oregon. If you are looking for a doctor for your child, look no further. 

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