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Why Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic is Great for Prenatal Care

Finding a women’s health clinic that you can trust to provide excellent care is necessary in a woman’s life. Additionally, there are so many offices to choose from, making the decision process a bit tricky. So, let me narrow down your search and tell you about Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic, which is sure to be perfect for you and all of your needs!

About Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic

The clinic is located at 2850 Daggett Avenue, Klamath Falls, OR. Everyone at the locally owned Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic believes women should receive exceptional healthcare throughout their lives. The clinic’s faculty and staff are committed to providing for all of your women’s health needs. They also believe that women face exclusive conditions requiring specially trained physicians’ attention. Furthermore, women maintain the right to ask questions about their health while receiving extensive factual information. The lead physician and the clinic’s staff can deliver on these expectations. Dr. Christopher Barton, board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and trained to provide primary and preventative healthcare for women of all ages, can discuss the different issues that arise in a woman’s life. 

In addition, he is also fluent in English and Spanish. Dr. Barton assisted in the care of Barranquilla, Columbia, a South American city, with Doctors Without Borders in 2002. His duties included working in the ER and assisting with procedures and surgeries in the areas of general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology. He is also board certified through ABCOG and a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

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The office offers treatments for multiple conditions and various services, including 

  • pregnancy 
  • pregnancy testing 
  • childbirth 
  • infertility 
  • urogynecology 
  • menstrual period problems 
  • menopause 
  • urinary incontinence 
  • surgery

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Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic is also attached to the Sky Lakes Medical Center, which offers a family birth center, a maternal-fetal medicine clinic, primary care, fitness classes, mindfulness classes, nutrition classes, urology, and imaging, such as mammograms. Moreover, you can find resources for birth plans, safe sleep, breastfeeding and childbirth classes, infant nutrition programs, pregnancy organizer, and a “what to expect?” program at the family birth center. 

In the Medical Center, you’ll have the option to see a number of professionals. Currently, they staff a total of twelve doctors with a range of specialties. They specialize in obstetrics, gynecology, family medicine, and maternal/fetal medicine. So you can be sure to find the doctor that suits your needs. Above all, you are sure to be in good hands should you need care from the medical center! 

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Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic

Dr. Barton, a highly trained physician dedicated to women’s health, ably runs the Sky Lakes Women’s Health Clinic. Lastly, contact the clinic by phone to schedule your appointment should you have any concerns!

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