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Sky Lakes Birthing Center | Women’s Care in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Taking care of yourself and your health is essential. Especially if you are planning a family or expecting yours to grow. Your journey to parenthood is unique, empowering, and life-changing. Sky Lakes Birthing Center understands the worries of finding the right doctors, having a solid pregnancy and birth plan, and finding where you will deliver. So keep reading to learn more about this dedicated and efficient facility ready to help you along this miraculous journey.

About Sky Lakes Birthing Center

Built by the community in 1965, it is a not-for-profit, community-owned hospital. This internationally accredited hospital serves over 80,000 in Klamath and Lake Counties in South-Central Oregon and Northern California. Their highly educated and devoted staff is committed to providing patients with comprehensive, personalized, and thorough care. As a result, they have a complete team of physicians, nurses, aides, and volunteers to ensure you receive seamless and high-quality care. In addition, their birth center is solely designed for growing families. Their labor, delivery, and recovery take place in one room. The Labor and Delivery unit is also equipped with a special-care nursery for babies who may need extra support. Additionally, they have a dedicated suite for surgical procedures. The Birthing Center’s locked-down design maintains a safe and calm environment for staff to provide excellent care for mom and baby.

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Sky Lakes Birthing Center has many resources and services available to ensure mother, baby, and family are supported and well cared for. These include:

  • 12-room facility offering a comfortable and calm setting for mom and family
  • Birth Plan to help the mom focus and for the staff to understand the mom’s goals
  • Pregnancy Organizer
  • Comprehensive Prepared Childbirth Classes 
  • Infant Nutrition Program 
  • Safe Sleep Information
  • Surgical newborn delivery
  • Surgical care of the female reproductive system
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic for high-risk pregnancies 

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What Makes Them Special

This attentive and steadfast birthing center specializes in women’s individualized health care with a nurturing touch. Therefore, they aim to make their rooms feel like a homelike atmosphere to put families at ease. They also believe in providing ample resources and knowledge to help each growing family thrive. For example, they currently work closely with the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank. This is a critical and gracious service for new moms. Nursing mothers who have extra milk and donate it to the milk bank make this service possible. They can pasteurize it and then dispense it to neonatal intensive care units like Sky Lake Birthing Center.  

Visit the Sky Lakes Birthing Center at 2865 Daggett Ave. Klamath Falls, OR 97601.

Sky Lakes Birthing Center

Finding the right place to receive women’s health care and support is essential for a mom-to-be. If this place sounds like the right place for you or if you still have more questions about Sky Lakes Birthing Center, stop by their facility or check them out online.

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