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Empowering Maternity Journey at East Cascade Women’s Group

Women’s Health care is essential. It’s even more critical when you’re expecting or hoping to start or add to your family. Your beautiful journey to motherhood is beautiful, empowering, unique and intimate. It can also be a time of worry and uncertainty for some expecting mothers. That’s why choosing the right provider and team of professionals to care for your growing family is no small matter. At East Cascade Women’s Group, making that choice is much easier with their committed services and team. 

About East Cascade Women’s Group

Providing the community with a full range of Women’s Health services since 1980, East Cascade Women’s Group, located at 2400 NE Neff Rd. Bend, OR 97701, is dedicated to helping women of all ages strive through all stages of their life. For over 40 years, women in Central Oregon have trusted everything there positive, encouraging, and caring providers and staff with the honor of guarding them through their health journey. Whether you’re just becoming a woman, preventing or starting a family, or starting your journey through menopause, you guide yourself every step of the way. When you choose their team, whether a Certified Physician or Certified Nurse-Midwife, to help you start your family, you can expect nothing short of individualized and comprehensive care. In addition, they ensure understanding support from the first prenatal appointment to the day your precious one arrives. 

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At East Cascade Women’s Health Group, they take their work seriously to make your journey to motherhood a positive, supported, and healthy one. From providing prenatal to postnatal care, they are committed to monitoring and nurturing the well-being of both you and your growing little one. Whether you are seen by a Certified Nurse-Midwife or Obstetrics Physician, you can expect regularly scheduled appointments, risk monitoring, ultrasounds, and the most up-to-date testing throughout your pregnancy, as well as your delivery and follow-up visits to be done with compassion and dedication.

  • Pre-Conception Counseling
  • Prenatal Care (Routine and High Risk)
  • Prenatal Genetic Screening and Testing
  • Monitoring Fetal Well Being
  • Pregnancy Education
  • Preparing For Delivery
  • Midwifery Care 
  • Obstetrics Care 

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While East Cascade Women’s Health Group provides many beneficial services, one that stands out is its Genetic Carrier Screening. This genetic test can determine your chances of passing on a genetic condition to your baby. Additionally, it typically only requires blood work. Their tests are noninvasive and are of no risk to your little one. Depending on your results, you can schedule an appointment with their Genetic Counselor. They help you process and understand the information and future steps. 

East Cascade Women’s Group

Your personal and empowering journey to motherhood can be full of support, compassion, and quality care when you choose East Cascade Women’s Group. From routine pregnancy care to high-risk concerns, their medical professionals will be there for every milestone, celebration, and concern to support and guide you. If you want more information about their midwives and routine prenatal and postnatal care, visit their website.

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