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Experienced Doctors & Maternity Care at Central Oregon OB-GYN

Pregnancy is such a magical time. Whether you’re picking out the perfect name or stocking up on the cutest onesies, there’s a thrill in every little decision. While most aspects are rather exciting, pregnancy can also be anxiety-provoking. You’re growing a little person! That’s a lot of pressure! That’s why finding a great OB-GYN is a must! The right doctor will be knowledgeable but also patient. They’ll discuss any concerns and make sure your pregnancy is a piece of cake. This is why I love Central Oregon OB-GYN. With experienced doctors and a wide variety of services, it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for an obstetrician. 

About Central Oregon OB-GYN

Located in the lovely city of Bend, Central Oregon OB-GYN has spent several years earning a reputation as a trusted source for women’s healthcare. The practice is run by Dr. John Murphy and Dr. Erin Legrand. The two doctors have a wealth of experience. Dr. Legrand has been practicing for over 16 years, while Dr. Murphy has been for nearly thirty years. Dr, Murphy has been awarded the title of Best OB several times by the parenting magazine Bend Nest. For years, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Legrand have led the way in Oregon for compassionate care for new mothers. 

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The practice is centered around its patients, treating every woman as family. Each patient is given absolute attention without feeling rushed through the appointment. With years of experience, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Legrand are experts in treating every kind of pregnancy. Regardless of maternal age or risk level, Central Oregon OB-GYN will ensure you are healthy and confident in each trimester. 

The office is knowledgeable regarding every aspect of women’s healthcare. Even before you begin to discuss pregnancy, the office prioritizes your health. Whether interested in trying for pregnancy soon or avoiding it entirely, your doctor discusses every option and makes sure your voice receives attention. So through Central Oregon OB-GYN, your reproductive health is in your hands!

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The office combines skilled care with cutting-edge technology. Every pregnancy receives an outstanding amount of attention. High-risk pregnancies get meticulous monitoring and individualized treatment. You can walk through pregnancy assured that you are receiving the best care. 

Central Oregon OB-GYN cares about women at any stage. Besides pregnancy and reproductive health, they cater to women experiencing complications due to menopause. The office has begun offering the MonaLisa Touch procedure, providing fast-acting relief from some of menopause’s worst symptoms. 

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Central Oregon OB-GYN

Central Oregon OB-GYN has become one of Bend’s most trusted practices for a reason. For women looking for patient-centered quality healthcare, this office is one of the best options in the entire state!

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