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Dr. Cherry Klamath Falls for The Best Care at The Children’s Clinic

The number one thing that makes parenting that much easier is convenience. At The Children’s Clinic of Klamath, you can get everything you need for your family at a one-stop shop. With friendly faces who are knowledgeable and caring, like Dr. Cherry Klamath Falls, will help you every step of the way!

About Dr. Cherry at The Children’s Clinic of Klamath

Dr. Cherry in Klamath provides your children with the best pediatric care in the area as they aim to provide efficient, high-quality, thorough services. They value your child and support your family in a friendly and professional environment. One of the most important values that make Dr. Cherry understand is that kids are not just tiny adults. The care that children need is different from adults. The healthcare providers at The Children’s Clinic of Klamath are specially trained to understand and care for your little ones. 

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The Children’s Clinic of Klamath Falls offers a full array of services to help your child maintain good health. Services offered include allergies, asthma, cancer, chronic conditions, diabetes, and other injuries and common ailments. They also offer care for developmental disabilities, autism, and different behavioral concerns. You can get all of your immunizations and see the doctor for your routine checkups, even if everything is going great. If you are pregnant, you can come to Klamath Falls and see Dr. Cherry for preparation for your little one as they provide newborn care for your new bundle of joy. The pre-delivery consults and “meet the doctor” appointments are entirely free of charge. 

For routine appointments, just call the office six to eight weeks in advance, so you can be sure to have your appointment ahead of time that fits best for your schedule. They offer urgent care and same-day appointments, as sick care is always available. They have an after-hours nurse triage and 24-hour physician coverage. So you can be sure that you will always get the care you need when you need it most. The office opens Monday through Friday and closes Saturday and Sunday. 

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Special Services

The Children’s Clinic of Dr. Cherry Klamath Falls website has many great tools. You can use the online symptom checker and check medication dosages, and there is even a section of recommended apps that are specially filtered for only the best for you and your family. They also offer feature articles and blogs as well as resources and education that will answer all of your questions. 

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Dr. Cherry Klamath Falls

Dr. Cherry Klamath Falls greets you with a smile, and they care for your little one as they are part of the family. From well checks, to sick visits, to immunizations and after-hour support, they have everything you need. Also, they are only a phone call away! 

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