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Mandala Midwifery | Personalized Maternity Care for Moms-to-Be

Looking for a midwife? Have no idea what a midwife is or where to start? At Mandala Midwifery, they believe that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is a transforming experience best supported by compassionate relationship-based care. 

About Mandala Midwifery

Mandala Midwifery has trained midwives who believe that birth is a natural, beautiful, and sacred process. Mandala Midwifery supports birth with the least amount of disruptions possible because they know that undisturbed labor can progress more smoothly. The midwives are dedicated to educating your family throughout your prenatal care. They will learn about labor support and techniques that will make them powerful allies as you work to deliver your baby. They also believe that babies should be welcomed with a loving and gentle beginning. So they want to build a close and trusting relationship with you and your family to foster happiness and ease through a time of significant change. Finally, they want to help moms like you build trust in your mind and body’s abilities as you navigate through these transforming periods. 

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There are several different services at Mandala Midwifery, including complete midwifery care. With midwifery, you can receive prenatal care, a home birth, water birth, and postpartum and newborn care. One of the midwives will be with you throughout your entire pregnancy, during your labor and birth, and after your sweet new baby arrives. All visits take place in the comfort of your own home. Most moms have about 15 visits before labor and delivery if they want a home birth. The midwives will stay with you throughout your entire delivery and up for a few hours after the birth. 

Postnatal Care

You will also receive several postpartum visits up to 6 weeks after your delivery. Mandala Midwifery offers lactation consultants that can support you during your breastfeeding journey. Even if you choose to give birth at the hospital, you can still have services at the hospital. It is a great way to have extra support. Mandala Midwifery offers placenta encapsulation for a fee of $200 to help your postpartum recovery go a little smoother. They also offer classes throughout the year, such as breastfeeding and lactation classes, to learn about midwifery services. 

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Payments and Appointments

Mandala Midwifery accepts all private health insurance companies as out-of-network providers. Still, they recommend you call them to determine if you have coverage and what your payment options are. You can reach out to Mandala Midwifery on their website to fill out some information to schedule your free consultation. You can also call them or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for all their updates and new happenings. 

Mandala Midwifery

The midwives at Mandala Midwifery provide a highly personalized type of maternity care in which they take the time to get to know each individual and their family. They specialize in learning what each member of the family and support needs and empower everyone to be an integral part of their own care. This is a person-centered practice focused on access, care, and experience. Come and see how Mandala Midwifery can make a difference in your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum needs!

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