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Ashland Birth Center | A Comfortable and Home-Like Environment for Birth

For over 100 years, Ashland Birth Center has been bringing babies into the world. Their nurses and doctors are experts in the field, with sophisticated diagnostic tools and medical knowledge at their disposal. But, in addition to medical expertise, they offer compassion and understanding to give you a safe and fulfilling birth experience. They will ease your concerns and share the joy of your child’s birth from the moment you arrive.

About Ashland Birth Center

Ashland Birth Center is Oregon’s first hospital-based alternative birth center that offers a private, home-like environment and a sensitive, choice-oriented staff. Beautifully decorated private rooms feature a state-of-the-art birthing bed, entertainment center, refrigerator, bay window seat, and other comfortable touches. The hospital’s family birth center was the first in Oregon to focus on low-intervention and alternative birthing options. They balance high technology and touch, incorporating current equipment and various personal choices. 

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Ashland Birth Center offers unique services such as midwifery, doulas, and water births. The nurse-midwives can help develop a personalized birth plan, prenatal and postnatal care, low-intervention labor and delivery, and lactation and breastfeeding support. They also offer the option to have a doula who will remain by a your side until after your baby is born. They will provide physical, informational, and emotional support, such as massage, suggestions for position changes, and compassionate words of encouragement. Doula support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All laboring women can request a doula as soon as they arrive at the hospital. The service is free of additional charge.

Water Births

Ashland Birth Center also supports a cherished, personalized labor experience by offering gentle, relaxed water births for people with low-risk pregnancies. In a private, calming room, you can relax in a large whirlpool tub filled with warm water. During delivery, the newborn is raised to the surface immediately, and bonding begins in the bath. Their specially designed room also allows partners to participate in the experience. There are so many options at this center that can be customized to fit your and your family’s every need!

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Ashland Birth Center

You can visit the Ashland Birth Center to schedule a tour at any time or see the center online with a virtual tour. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. They also offer a free online childbirth education class for expectant parents to prepare for giving birth at their hospital. So, if you are looking for a great alternative way to give birth with low interventions in a comfortable, home-like environment, be sure to check out Ashland Birth Center today! 

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