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Kid to Kid in Medford | Environmentally Friendly Clothing in Oregon

Keeping up with the new trends these days can be really difficult. With how quickly things change, who’s to say what will be next on the fashion radar. Stay up-to-date and in style with Kid to Kid Medford. With fashionable options that are both affordable and in style, you really can’t go wrong shopping for your kiddos in this adorable store. 

Kid to Kid in Medford, OR

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About the Store

Kid to Kid Medford has been open for twenty-seven years! That means twenty-seven years of giving back and supporting the community. This store helps families save some cash each year while keeping local kids on-trend and confident. It has truly never been easier to shop local. 

At Kid to Kid in Medford, you can sell your currently outgrown clothing for all sizes, shoes, and toys. The friendly staff will look through the items you bring in, and you will be given an offer for them. This can be renewed for shopping credits and even cash. I also love this store’s commitment to helping the planet. With Kid to Kid, clothing and items from popular brands are given second chances by extending the length of their usage. This reduces our carbon footprint as big brand names will not need to make as many new items.

How it Works

First, you will need to search through your clothing (a good time to do this is during spring and fall cleaning time). Pick out the clothes you want to bring to the store and launder them. Make sure these items are free of stains, rips, tears, and holes. You can then put these items in a bin and bring them to your local Kid to Kid. A staff member here will review your items and choose what the store would like to keep. You can receive a cash offer or 20% more of that offer or store credit. 

Kid to Kid in Medford will take clothing and shoes for any size child. This includes sizes ranging from newborn to size fourteen. The store typically looks for stylish, clean, and safe items so new families can utilize them. The goal is to offer kids items that look like the same things currently being sold in the mall. 

Most Wanted Items

While the most wanted items at Kid to Kid in Medford are outdoor toys, indoor toys, school-age clothing, and car seat, there are so many more things you can bring, such as:

  • Maternity clothing
  • Games 
  • Baby strollers and gear
  • Footwear
  • Sports gear
  • Books

The offers from Kid to Kid are there to reflect as close to the same item’s value as possible. Your offer will typically be much higher if you have many luxury brands or items such as boutique clothes, toys, and equipment. 

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Kid to Kid in Medford

This store is an awesome way to purchase items your kids will love without breaking the bank. In addition, trading in your gently-used items will also help benefit the community and help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Shop Kid to Kid Medford for all of your stylish needs.

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